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Swanky Docs compliments any way that you choose to work. See what’s possible!

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Fabulous features

Document anything

With the power of Swanky processors you can easily document your work. Choose from our commonly used ready made processors or write your own.


Swanky ships with a beautifully crafted documentation theme that allows you to get cracking on what matters most. However, as with all things Swanky you can create your own. View our step by step guide on developing a custom theme and see how easy it is!

Reusable code snippets

Snippets allow you to write once and use anywhere. Snippets can contain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They can be used anywhere by placing the snippet in your content.

Built with the future in mind

Swanky is built using the latest es6 JavaScript features backed by the powerful v8 node engine and finally delivered to you using Webpack for the ultimate optimisations, performance and of course... developer happiness.

Design Systems Crafted with Swanky.

Saagie Design System

Saagie Design System
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Get up and running in 5 minutes.


Install NodeJs

Swanky Docs is a module for Node.js. There are convenient installers for MacOS, Windows and Linux.


Install the Swanky Docs CLI Tool

This is a tool to help you quickly scaffold your Swanky Docs Site, Pages, Snippets and Themes.

npm i -g swanky-cli

Start Swanky Docs Generator

Follow the prompts to select the options most appropriate for you. This will install all the necessary dependencies and start up your Swanky Docs site.


For the full list of Swanky Docs options and features visit the User Guide.